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Virtual Business Manager Services

YOA can provide your business with virtual business management services to develop, implement or keep updated your business governance framework, policies and procedures as well as manage all the day to day administration, service contracts and operational functions for you. 

This service varies greatly depending on your needs and can include managing service providers, providing strategy assistance, accountability and goal setting, direction and support with website content management and maintenance, social media and content management, administration services, event management assistance, policies/procedures, training manuals, supplier management and project management. 

If you need a part-time Business Manager added as part of your team then call me to see how we can work together. 

Service List

  • Policies and Procedures
  • Procedure Manuals
  • Website Content and Management 
  • Event Management Assistance
  • Marketing & Content Assistance
  • Course building and support
  • Training Manuals
  • Administration Services
  • Supplier Management